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Night Shift 2015

January 2015

All for all
All for one


Jean-Michel Teerlinck
Mathieu Luyens
Maxime Lany




& Events



About the brand

For the past two years, Night Shift has successfully fulfilled its mission to connect young entrepreneurs and build a unique network. Glossy Branding Agency proposes a campaign that aligns with Night Shift's values. Today, young entrepreneurs are still looking for an effective forum to connect with each other. While there are many similar networking events and trade shows, Night Shift stands out as a platform to showcase services and products in a unique setting and atmosphere.

For the Night Shift 2015 campaign, our goal is to encourage connectivity and foster a sense of belonging among attendees. While we have not yet collected clear data on whether Night Shift events encourage crossover business, we believe that by providing a space where entrepreneurs can showcase their businesses and services, visitors have the opportunity to discover new businesses.

Our focus for 2015 is to foster an environment of collaboration and mutual support. Our campaign "One for all / All for one!" embodies the spirit of Night Shift, where participants can connect and work together to achieve their goals. By spreading this message and highlighting the benefits of Night Shift, we aim to attract more participants and foster a thriving community of entrepreneurs. Come to Night Shift to connect, collaborate and grow.

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