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We are located in vibrant Ghent, Belgium, a stone's throw from Sint-Pieters station, close to the city centre and all strategic access roads. As a young and creative city, Ghent offers us the perfect environment to create unique and innovative branding solutions for our clients.

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Frequently Asked

Who is Glossy Branding Agency?

We are a dedicated team of brand strategists & designers with a burning desire to create meaningful identities and brand stories. Since 2004, as design thinkers, we develop innovative brand strategies, design award winning content and create identities for the brands of tomorrow.

We are located in vibrant Ghent, Belgium, a stone's throw from Sint-Pieters station, close to the city centre and all strategic access roads. As a young and creative city, Ghent offers us the perfect environment to create unique and innovative branding solutions for our clients.

In which industries do you specialise?

Our expertise spans a wide array of industries, reflecting our commitment to working with diverse clients and constantly exploring new industries. Currently, our active involvement is prominent in the festival and hospitality sector. We also work for various SMEs and technology start-ups.

Our approach thrives when we work closely with clients and we have achieved exceptional results by working directly with key decision makers such as CEOs, owners, heads of marketing etc. This collaborative synergy helps us deliver outstanding results across industries.

What is the typical investment for a branding project?

Determining the cost of a branding project is a nuanced undertaking because we tailor our solutions to each client's unique needs. Therefore, total costs vary from client to client.

That said, we do establish a minimum engagement fee for all branding projects, which begins at €15,000. Our extensive experience has shown that this baseline investment is essential to consistently deliver strong brands and give our customers the premium service they deserve.

While we may consider smaller projects on a case-by-case basis if they align with our business objectives, this is not our standard practice.

What details are required for you to provide a project estimate?

Our approach prioritises understanding the individuals behind an organisation, product or service before we formulate an estimate. Therefore, we invite you to a free intake meeting where we can introduce our methodology.

After this conversation, we are happy to present our estimation to key decision-makers in a live session. This collaborative exchange allows us to tailor our estimate precisely to your unique needs and objectives.

Why should I have a branding agency design my website?

It is not unusual for companies to hire one company for branding and another for website design. However, this approach can present challenges, as each entity tends to focus only on their specific project, potentially overlooking your overall brand consistency. The more fragmented your brand becomes by multiple providers, the greater the risk of confusing your customer base.

By choosing Glossy Branding Agency, you gain access to a strategic partner capable of effectively orchestrating a cohesive transformation of your corporate or product identity across all touch-points. We ensure that every aspect fits together seamlessly to deliver a well-designed brand experience.

What is brand strategy?

As brand strategists, we believe that a good strategy is created in partnership. A solid brand definition consists of a clear mission, vision and philosophy. Nowadays, as consumers look for added value from brands, a purpose is a must. Link all the above to your brand proposition and this ensures authenticity.

An efficient brand architecture always results in growth.

What is branding?

Branding is the art of shaping the perception people have of your organisation, product or service. It encompasses the characteristics, values and emotions that people associate with your identity. It is important to note that we have no direct control over these perceptions; our role lies in guiding and effectively conveying them. This is essentially the essence of branding.

Effective branding crafts robust brand identities. These identities come to life, almost as if they were a person, with their own feelings, values and standards. A powerful brand ensures consistency at all communication points. The brand identity is omnipresent and the story remains consistent and reliable. This steadfast consistency cultivates recognition and fosters trust.

What services does Glossy Branding Agency offer?

Glossy Branding Agency offers a wide range of services designed to enhance and transform your brand. Here is a brief overview of what we offer:

Brand Ideation, Brand Analysis, Identity Expertise, Concept Validation, Industry Trends, Brand Definition, Naming, Purpose, Positioning, Trademarking, Art Direction, Visual Identity, UX/UI Design, Motion Design, Brand Story, Copywriting, Design Systems, Brand Templates, Websites, Packaging Design, Films & Photography, 3D Visualisations

To see our full list of services, visit our about page.

What is the process for starting a project with Glossy Branding Agency?

Good question! The process starts by contacting us via our contact form, which you can find here. You can also send us an email at We start with an intake meeting (online or in person), where we together discuss the specifics and requirements of the project.

Next, we will meet in person at our office in Ghent or at another location that suits your needs, and provide you with a detailed quotation. Once all the paperwork is in order and the deposit is received, we can get to work together to create something spectacular!