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March 2024

Meet Fanfinity: Empowering Gaming Culture

A strategic redesign of the brand to better reflect its evolving services. Crafting meaningful fan experiences.

Meet Fanfinity, the new face of what was once tournamentcenter. In collaboration with the Fanfinity crew, we have executed a complete rebranding, transforming the organisation into a fan-focused agency. Fanfinity is dedicated to create meaningful fan experiences for game publishers and brands looking to establish lasting bonds with gaming communities.

Fanfinity's team of experts has a deep passion for gaming culture and communities. With their tailored approach, they aim to share their excitement to create meaningful and lasting bonds between gaming communities and their clients.

We have introduced a completely new brand architecture inspired by trading card games, alongside vibrant colours and a friendly font that reflects the spirit of the brand. An identity that fits their new community focused strategy.

Stay tuned for the full case study, coming soon!

Visit the Fanfinity website
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