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October 2023

Discover our work for Tanx: Loving Healthy Hair

Crafting a new Haircare Brand with Love and Care

Two years ago, we teamed up with Hairco to introduce "Tanx" to the world. A brand through which Hairco successfully wants to drive the creative growth of haircare professionals.

Tanx consists of a comprehensive line of haircare products, meticulously developed to cater to the needs of hairstylists and their customers. We took on the responsibility of shaping the brand strategy, crafting its unique identity, and designing the packaging that encapsulates the essence of Tanx.

Tanx is like that loyal friend who always has your back, but for your hair. Our branding efforts have been deliberately tailored to convey the essence of Tanx as a brand that cares. We've harnessed a soothing color palette of soft earth tones and incorporated a unique design element, the Tanx terrazzo, as a unifying visual motif. We've kept our communication simple, relying on minimalistic typography and imagery to convey the underlying sense of care and beauty.

To showcase the Tanx product line, we used the power of 3D rendering. This also allows the Tanx team to easily create new product images without the hassle of printing them every time.

Discover more of Tanx here
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