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October 2019

We provided the visual identity for The Media Fast Forward Event 2019

VRT unites media sector to host inspiring discussions and launch innovative projects

Glossy Branding Agency developed the visual identity for the Media Fast Forward 2019 event. Organized by VRT, this annual event brings together professionals from the media sector to reflect on the future of media. It provides a platform for discussions on new business models, digital formats, artificial intelligence and media literacy, sharing insights and inspiration regarding media innovation.

The Media Fast Forward event featured inspiring speakers and talk shows that focused on the future of media. There was also a market present with more than 30 technology projects and start-ups. Our founder - Ben Urbain - shared his insights on the inextricable connection between branding, design and user experience (UX). He emphasized that every new and exciting communication channel must be built and designed with the brand's core values in mind.

"Everything we use in the modern world is created and 'designed' with a purpose, coming from another person's mind. The digital world has provided marketers, designers, advertisers, ... provided with an incredible new range of communication channels. Each of those (new and exciting) channels must be built and designed with the brand's well-defined core values in mind." - Ben Urbain

The Media Fast Forward event offered professionals from Flemish and European media the opportunity to meet changemakers and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the sector. It stimulated a lively exchange of ideas and insights between participants from different disciplines.

© Photography by Studio Nunu

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