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February 2023

Vyncke-Daels launches Rhum Cinq

Vyncke-Daels launches it's own Spiced Rhum! Say hello to Rhum Cinq.

We are proud to introduce Rhum Cinq by Vyncke-Daels, a premium Belgian rum crafted with great respect for our heritage. The unique name and elegant design of our bottle were created in collaboration with Glossy Branding Agency, who shared our vision of creating a product that pays homage to our legacy.

The team at Glossy Branding Agency carefully designed the label to reflect the essence of Vyncke-Daels, honoring our century-old recipe and commitment to quality. With attention to detail and a deep appreciation for our history, they created a label that truly represents the spirit of Rhum Cinq.

The elegant bottle design not only showcases the premium quality of our rum but also serves as a tribute to our rich heritage. The striking label and sophisticated bottle embody the essence of Vyncke-Daels and serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

We are proud to work with Glossy Branding Agency and share their dedication to creating products that are both beautiful and meaningful. Together, we have created Rhum Cinq, a premium spiced rum that celebrates the legacy of Vyncke-Daels and the art of craft distilling.

So raise a glass of Rhum Cinq and savor the rich history and exquisite taste that only a product of this caliber can offer.

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