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October 2021

MTM Group Creates Stylish Dining and Drinks Concepts for Gantoise

The Serve and The Push offer modern culinary experiences in the new sports infrastructure of Gantoise

MTM Group has developed exceptional dining and drinks concepts for Gantoise Hockey & Padel in their newly constructed sports complex.

The Serve, a contemporary brasserie situated near the Padel and Tennis courts as well as the Field Hockey A-Terrein, welcomes both members and non-members to indulge in a sophisticated dining experience.

Meanwhile, with over 3000 members, Gantoise Hockey & Padel entrusted MTM Group to create a premium bar and bites concept, resulting in The Push.

Glossy Branding Agency was tasked with crafting the brand identity and web design for both establishments, aligning them seamlessly with the modern Gantoise hockey and padel infrastructure.

Together, The Serve and The Push promise to offer a refined culinary experience that perfectly complements the sports facilities at Gantoise Hockey & Padel.

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