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August 2023

Our client Miles Ahead raises €20 million for Deep Tech & AI startups

Driving innovation and growth in the technology sector

We are excited to announce that our client Miles Ahead has successfully raised €20 million in funding for startups in Deep Tech and AI sectors. The total sum can still reach up to €30 million.

Miles Ahead is a Venture Studio helping first-time founders of Deep Tech & AI startups grow faster by producing and funding their business within an empowering environment. The venture studio has reached this important milestone, proving its commitment to driving innovation and growth in the AI industry.

Their dedicated fund, Miles Ahead Capital, backed by private investors and strategic partners, is poised to drive the development of promising startups in the field of artificial intelligence and deep tech.

This substantial investment will pave the way for exciting opportunities in these dynamic sectors and we look forward to witnessing the transformative impact Miles Ahead will have on the future of technology.

We would like to thank the Miles Ahead team for trusting Glossy Branding Agency to craft their brand strategy, brand identity & brand experiences.

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