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August 2023

Join the craziness at Kamping Kitsch Club: Europe's most epic dress-up festival!

You Never Woke Alone at Kamping Kitsch Club

If you haven't yet experienced the wild energy of Kamping Kitsch Club, you're in for something! Prepare to dive into the craziness of Europe's greatest dress-up festival. With our profound strategy and creative art direction, we have transformed Kamping Kitsch Club into an unparalleled experience about to welcome as many as 25,000 festival-goers!

It's time to mark your calendar for a Saturday like no other. On 19 August, the Langemunte in Kortrijk will be flipped upside down when Kamping Kitsch Club takes over.

Thanks to our dedicated efforts, Kamping Kitsch Club has become more than an event; it's a lifestyle. Our in-depth strategy and creative art direction have taken this festival to new heights, ensuring that every visitor walks away with memories for life.

Get ready to lose yourself in the whirlwind of Kamping Kitsch Club. Bring your craziest outfit & your wildest spirit. Let's make the place go wild, and let's do it together.

Join us on 19 August at Langemunte Kortrijk for Kamping Kitsch Club 2023. See you there?

More information: www.kampingkitschclub.be
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