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December 2016

Embrace the Holiday Season with Glossy's Free Seasonal Gift Wrap Super Bundle

Unleash Your Creativity with Unique Wrapping Papers

The Holiday Season is upon us once again, bringing joy and sometimes even social anxiety. Whether you're a Christmas enthusiast or feel a little awkward during this time, we have something special for you.

If you're a digital creative who has been Instagramming soy milk lattes since 2011 and proudly owns a vintage Scandinavian chair with matching 'Vegan Alpaca Wool' pillows, you might find the holiday season overwhelming. Stress, sweaty palms, and a touch of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" lyrics might resonate with you.

After weeks of surfing the web, you've come across countless wrapping paper options, but nothing seems to fit your unique style.

But fear not, young Padawan!

Glossy Branding Agency is thrilled to offer you a delightful surprise - a completely royalty-free collection of downloadable wrapping papers that are easy to produce. And the best part? No hassle, no payment required.

Because during the Holiday Season, we have a special love for our digital brothers and sisters. Imagine the look of amazement on your family and friends' faces when they receive your beautifully wrapped presents. Admit it, you can't wait to place those uniquely packaged gifts under the Christmas tree.

Oh, and by the way, we're also taking a holiday break from the 24th of December until the first of January 2017. See you next year!

Download them here
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